Why Us

We must confess. We are madly in love with the home and office decor in white and pastel colours.

But there are many reasons why whites and pastels can effortlessly turn into everyone's favourite colour palette. They are neutral tones, soothing to the senses, aesthetic, appealing to all and unforgettable, to name a few.

Now, if you were to ask Alice, the girl depicted in our collection of sculptures, "How does one get to Wonderland?" she wouldn't have a clue.

But should you ask the team at Whites & Pastels what makes us bring together such a wonderful luxury collection of home and office decor, we'd say we do it "For the Dreamer in You."

We are set on a vision to become India's most reliable and respected home decor brand. Therefore everything we do stands by values that reflect unparalleled customer experience, products of value for money and quality first. Always.

Why Our Collection

We started Whites & Pastels on a mission to make your dream home a mesmerising reality. We do that by continuously globe-trotting and curating stylish decorative collections for your home and office space. All the decor pieces we curate come from all over the world at affordable prices in India.

Our indoor decor collections are incredibly outstanding yet versatile. They are curated to add a distinguished sense of finesse to your Indian home or office space in a subtle yet luxurious European style. They range from decor accents for your living room, dining room, bedroom and study room that elevate your mood; to kitchen, bar and even office space accessories that are lifetime keepers.

Do you ever get enough of tastefully decorated interiors? We don't! Therefore we keep looking to add unique and multifunctional decor pieces that promise to make luxury, elegance and blissfulness the statements of every corner of your space.

However, we are also advocates of spending time outdoors, connecting with the wonders of nature. Therefore, whenever you can get away from the comfort of your home, we encourage you to, and we promise memorable outdoor experiences if you choose our picnic/camping/outdoor collection.

And if you're planning to meet someone new or visit someone dear, we got this covered for you too. Whites & Pastels gives you the perfect choice of home and office decor gifts to turn those pleasant moments into unforgettable rendezvous.